My websites

Over the years I’ve created a number of websites, which are shown below (newest first).

I’m currently trying to create a website which is visually more attractive then the current design. Still under construction!


I created a simple website for a friend to sell adhesive moustaches. The website needed to be simple yet have a party-like feeling to it.


When my sister went to Canada for 6 months of studying abroad, she really wanted to have a platform to keep in touch with family and share stories and pictures.


ZOS Radio Schiedam

For a radio station in Schiedam, I’ve made a quick website to show the possibilities of the WordPress suite. Unfortunately, it was never used by the station.


Sunrise Study Tour

In 2011, I organized a study tour for my study association. With a group of 22 students we visited China, South Korea and Japan for a period of four weeks. The website was used prior to the tour to communicate with participants, and during the tour to give updates from the tour to relatives in Holland. I also created a complete corporate identity for the tour, with poster styles, presentation styles, business cards and so on.


IFF 2009

Every year, our study association, the ETV, organizes a party together with 4 other associations. For two years in a row, I created the website with information about this party.

IFF 2008

This website has the same purposes as the previous website, for the party in the year 2008.